Baby Bennett

We have a totally new look, new blog and new website.  It feels so nice and I’m so glad to shake off that old design!  Christmas vacation was spent polishing the new site, and if you haven’t seen it yet, go over and take a look!

I’ll be posting here, um, somewhat regularly – as I publish sessions and to let you know about upcoming events and sales here at the studio.

If you’d like to see me a little more regularly, you can pop over to Cheeky Bums Blog.  My husband and I, along with two of our friends, started an all-natural, vintage-inspired, kid centered blog that I write for weekly.

In the mean time, enjoy this cuddly newborn and his gorgeous mama!  Here is the most recent session I completed with Baby Bennett…

Kingsley2012-1020 Kingsley2012-1022 Kingsley2012-1024

Kingsley2012-1025 Kingsley2012-1027

Kingsley2012-1029 Kingsley2012-1033


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