married: Thiago + Kristie

This was, by far, the hottest wedding I’ve ever shot.  The couple was gorgeous…and it was approximately 137′ F with 138% humidity.   But I would do it again in a heart beat for the pleasure of sharing in the wedding day of two close friends!  xoxo

TKPinto-1069 TKPinto-1076 TKPinto-1079 TKPinto-1104 TKPinto-1113 TKPinto-1124 TKPinto-1127 TKPinto-1138 TKPinto-1156 TKPinto-1201 TKPinto-1376 TKPinto-1385 TKPinto-1392 TKPinto-1423 TKPinto-1442 TKPinto-1447



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